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Enforcio platform includes: Know Your Customer (KYC), Сlient onboarding tool, Fraud prevention tool and Due diligence tool

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Risk Management Solutions

If you operate in regulated markets, including financial services and related sectors such as legal services and estate agency, you are required to perform Know Your Customer checks as part of Anti-Money Laundering compliance. Of course, the requirement to comply doesn’t change, no matter what size your organisation, although the depth of the processes which you introduce may vary depending on the nature of your business and your likely risk profile.

Two related common questions arise: how can small businesses ensure compliance with AML regulations without a large team or substantial budget, and whether to choose traditional manual verification methods or automated ones.

Manual KYC procedures, still used by many SMEs, tend to be time-consuming, prone to inconsistencies, and may rely on outdated information. We recommend adopting modern technology such as Enforcio, a straightforward and affordable way to carry out KYC checks online, no matter what size your organisation is. Using our client onboarding solution you can save over 80% of time when compared to a manual process.

eKYC Services in Different Sectors

Designed by AML specialists for a wide range of small businesses, susceptible to the risk of being exploited for money laundering or illicit financial activities such as Real Estate Agencies, Legal and Accounting Firms

Legal sector AML checks

Legal sector

Enforcio software helps automate, streamline and standardize Know Your Customer (KYC) process

Accountancy sector AML checks

Accountancy sector

Our software helps Accountants to make informed anti-money laundering decisions by automating processes and helping them to carry out due diligence

Property sector AML checks UK

Property sector

Our simple, cost-effective solution makes anti money laundering for estate agents easy
All in One Advanced Platform

Know Your Customer (KYC) tool

Automate your KYC & Onboarding process.
Get fast results with Enforcio, cost-efficient KYC software for ID verification, AML Compliance and Onboarding.

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Client onboarding tool

Onboard your clients in seconds!
Client onboarding made easy with Enforcio that automates verification, evaluates risk, and simplifies compliance with evolving regulations, such as AML and KYC checks.

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Fraud Prevention tool

Fight fraud during customer onboarding.
Prevent fraud before it can cause real harm to your business, and reduce the time to verify genuine customers.

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Due Diligence (CDD) tool

Protect your business when making new partnerships.
Uncover any risks to your firm that could arise from doing business with certain clients and prevent financial crime with Enforcio.

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