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Streamline your KYC onboarding process with Enforcio client onboarding solution.

A time-consuming KYC onboarding process can frustrate prospective clients, potentially dissuading them from engaging with the company. Onboarding serves as the initial encounter clients have with a business and is a crucial step in safeguarding both the company and its clientele from fraud and illicit activities.

So, what precisely is KYC onboarding? It refers to the customer due diligence process mandated for financial institutions and regulated entities before establishing a relationship with a new client.

To counteract fraudulent activities and shield against legal and financial consequences, businesses must verify customer identities for authenticity. However, the challenge lies in crafting an onboarding process that is both efficient and seamless while adhering to Anti-Money Laundering regulations. Client onboarding software Enforcio helps to achieve this goal.

Why small businesses choose client onboarding software Enforcio

Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming paperwork and reduce errors:
Enforcio automates key steps in the KYC process, ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, and enhances the overall client experience.

What is usually done manually by teams of staff in order to constantly ensure that all is in place is done by Enforced in real time:

Easy-to-use onboarding software

5 simple steps: Setup your account, fill it out with Clients’ details, choose your plan, choose risk management and start eKYC process

A risk-based approach in KYC processes

Enforcio onboarding software offers a risk-based approach to KYC comliance that efficiently focuses resources on higher risk clients and ensures lifecycle compliance with KYC regulations

Pay only for what you need

Reap the benefits of our product’s flexibility and adjust it to your business needs, from £0.5 to £4.95 Per KYC Check

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