Look-back projects

An AML lookback is predominantly meant to uncover past suspicious activity and flaws within the financial institution’s monitoring systems.

It may stem directly from the institution itself following an internal audit or may be ordered by a regulatory agency after a control.

It’s often viewed as a burdensome, and somewhat punitive exercise for the financial institution for its costly and enormous time-consuming nature.

Regulators will generally ask financial institutions to employ an independent third-party that can carry out the lookback for them.

Enforcio Platform

Risk Score over time - granular

Assessing not just a ‘snapshot’ of risk, but rather automatically scoring risk over time on a granular level with automatic notifications of potential changes.

Small scale users

Our highly scalable platform can scale to match organisations of all sizes and sophistication, from start-ups to large global organisations. Configurable to your way of working, your risk appetite and your internal control environment.

Automated Organograms generation

Automatic generation and updating of organograms that users can easily export PDFs of entity relations and associated companies and directors.

Third party database import

The Corporate Source Register allows any user to trigger searches with selected third-party providers, from within the product. This is a feature that allows you to review the results, choose the corporate or individual that you would like to import the data for, as well as all the related parties and key principles behind such corporate, at a click of a button.

Extensive bank of databases

The most extensive company information and corporate structures combined with sanctions and other adverse data that delivers new levels of certainty on your third parties, and the individuals behind them.

Report data export

You can generate comprehensive report in a variety of popular formats, including Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF and export them. Include visual elements such as graphs and risk heat maps.

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